Residents gather in Whatcom County, WA about passing new land-use laws to block new fossil fuel facilities

The fossil fuel industry is on its heels. That’s not an opinion — that’s a fact. Fossil fuel stocks are tanking. Public support is dropping. And perhaps most concerning to executives who would see the world burn (literally) before supporting a change in the status quo, is that more governments are taking steps to legislate an equitable transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy sources.

At the local level, one of the most effective and popular ways this is being done is by banning methane gas hook ups in new buildings. After all, despite duplicitous branding from the fossil…

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There’s a sense of helplessness and hopelessness and rage that comes with working for an organization that is trying to confront the yawning cavern of despair that is the climate crisis.

Not because there aren’t solutions—there most definitely are.

No. Those feelings come from the fact that, even with viable pathways still available to us, humanity is squandering its chance. Just like we have for as long as we’ve known about this problem.

The truth is, it’s not whether or not we can stop the worst of the climate crisis, it’s whether or not we will.

Let’s be clear. We’ve known about this problem for a long time—the first inkling that burning fossil fuels could lead to unprecedented global warming came all the…

An open letter to those who still aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19

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To whom it may concern,

I’m done.

At this point, if you’re not vaccinated–unless you have a disqualifying medical condition–you’re either ignorant, stupid, selfish, or some combination of the three. And it’s past time we stopped coddling you and pretending otherwise.

This third surge didn’t need to happen, and yet here we are with hundreds of people dying preventable deaths each day. And don’t be fooled–it’s not just people like you who didn’t get the vaccine who are getting seriously ill and dying (although overwhelmingly it is, because the vaccine works).

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It feels like there is less and less space in discussions about the Israel/Palestine conflict for those who acknowledge the humanity of both peoples

For more context on the history of this conflict and my stance on it, feel free to read my earlier essay on Israel, Palestine, and the path to peace

I am heartbroken.

I’m also exhausted.

Scenes of violence playing out in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank are all too familiar, and every time they unfold I feel little fragments of my soul break off and flow into the ether.

As an American Jew and a progressive, I have an extremely intricate and convoluted connection to the goings on of this region. …

Someone putting a ballot into a ballot box
Someone putting a ballot into a ballot box
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Dear progressives,

If you are planning on sitting this election out or voting third party: please reconsider.

Everything we care about—from universal healthcare, to a Green New Deal, to radically reimagining public safety, to respect for bodily autonomy, to a living wage, and much more—is at stake.

Are Biden and Harris going to come into office and make all these things happen? Hell no. Even with them and a fully Democratic Congress, many of the things we know are necessary for a better country and planet won’t happen without a massive groundswell of people pushing them forward. …

Pictured: Democrats getting crushed Republican’s zero sum tactics [Photo by James Pond on Unsplash]

For a long time, I firmly believed in the power and necessity of compromise and common ground. And in my personal life — and even during political conversation with friends and family — still believe this is the case.

But when it comes to running this country? The gloves need to come off. The time for working with the other side (at least for now) is over —the right has made that abundantly clear.

Over the past decade, Mitch McConnell’s (and now Donald Trump’s) Republican party has made it abundantly clear that they believe that politics is a zero sum…

But I am afraid of the fact he’s emboldened and radicalized tens of millions of people

Silhouettes of people in an ally
Silhouettes of people in an ally
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Back in January of 2016, when many people still considered Donald Trump’s candidacy to be a sick joke, I remember encountering – for the first time – someone who was seriously considering voting for him.

A pit formed in the bottom of my stomach as I realized that Trump, who launched his campaign with racist statements designed to foment fear and resentment against Mexicans and immigrants, could become the Republican nominee – could become the President.

As a Jew who lost 33 members of…

Hi there 👋

Fellow U.S. resident here. I’ve been biting my tongue for some time now, but as cases in our country skyrocket to the highest they’ve been (which, incidentally is also the highest in the whole world) I’ve decided it’s time we had frank discussion.

Wear your damn mask.


It’s not accident that the U.S. has 4 percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of the world’s cases. And before you say “we’re just so much better at testing than everyone else” 1.) we’re not (we’re 26th in terms of tests administered per 1M people, actually) and 2.)…

My politics can’t matter more than the lives of the most vulnerable

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The fever pitch of negativity and bullshit that has recently overtaken the Democratic primary is seriously starting to piss me off. Not just because it’s stupid — and it is stupid — but also because it stinks with the privilege of people who can afford 4 (or more) years of Trump.

You know who can’t afford that?

Patients with pre-existing conditions. Communities being poisoned by radical deregulation. LGBTQ folks. Dreamers. Migrants and their children. Anyone with a womb and desire for bodily autonomy. Those who aren’t old enough…

The first weekend in August saw a spike in racist, white supremacist violence—and many are afraid it’s only going to get worse

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Early in the 2015 election cycle, when Donald Trump’s candidacy was still a joke to most, I almost severed a relationship with one of my closest friends after they expressed interest in supporting the man that currently sits in the White House. I was horrified that someone I cared about so deeply—and who cared so deeply about me—could see appeal in a man who, in my mind, was clearly a danger to me and my family as Jews. Who was a threat to our other friends who were immigrants, Black, Latino, Asian, LGTBQ, differently-abled, and Muslim.

Upon some serious reflection…

Nathan Taft

Firm believer in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Twitter: @nathantaft

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